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Shockingly Dumb: Ex-Senator’s Sister Accused of Spreading Coronavirus

This is why social distancing is important.

Pic16-008 ISLAMABAD: Mar16- Policeman personnel is busy in monitoring of body temperature of an employee of Supreme court on entry gate outside Supreme Court, as Government has taken preventing measure due to the Corona virus outbreak. ONLINE PHOTO by Sunny Ghouri

While it hasn’t been long since the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Pakistan, the tally has risen to 447 (and counting). Learning a lesson through others’ experiences might be a difficult thing to do for us rebellious (and we’re being kind with our words here) Pakistanis. But the fact of the matter is that all the countries currently on lock-down were our first clue that this virus is not to be taken lightly.

However, some people not only made a joke out of the virus but they also ignored all precautionary guidelines. Especially the elites, who are still organizing and attending parties.

Endangering others

According to reports, ex-senator Waqar Gulzar’s sister is receiving a lot of heat on the internet. She allegedly came to Pakistan from the UK amidst the viral outbreak and “refused to stay home.” The lady was later tested positive for coronavirus in Gulberg, Lahore.

Everyone took this as a warning sign and a learning moment:

The ex-senator’s sister was allegedly seen attending a gathering of around 60 people in Cafe Aylanto. Authorities fear the virus might have spread in the area, putting everyone’s lives in danger.

The senator’s house was soon quarantined after her test results came positive for COVID-19. Assistant Commissioner Model Town Zeeshan Ranjha confirmed the news saying,

She is a sister of Senator Waqar Gulzar and now she is at Mayo Hospital.

The patient, like many other elites, was reluctant to get tested for the virus and opted for a private lab test.

The officials are trying to upgrade and improve quarantine facilities and many people are being tested currently to estimate the spread of the virus in Lahore.

Punjab Chief Minister Buzdar said:

We will provide support wherever required and even to any other province if they need it.

We will negotiate with the Balochistan government on Taftan as to whether we should set up our camp [there] or facilitate them but we will do whatever we can for our people at the border.

It’s about time that people wake up and realize that they’re putting the lives of their family members in danger every time they go out and not maintain social distancing.

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Via PakistanToday


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