‘Shor’: Mooroo Drops Soulful Track With Talha Anjum

“Mooro’s soothing voice and Anjum’s words – the best combination ❤️.”

The talented comedian, actor, and musician Mooroo dropped his latest single “Shor” with the one and only Talha Anjum.

In an exciting musical collaboration, Taimoor Salahuddin, popularly known as Mooroo, has unveiled the music video for his latest single “Shor,” featuring the dynamic talent of Young Stunners’ very own Talha Anjum.

“Shor” is a track from Mooroo’s EP titled Bittersweet, which is now available on all major streaming platforms. The song carries a slow and mellow vibe, showcasing Mooroo’s soulful vocals complemented by Talha Anjum’s infectious rap verses.

Already creating waves, the single has garnered praise from netizens who are expressing their admiration for Mooroo’s musical prowess. In the comments section, fans are commending the synergy between Mooroo’s soothing voice and Anjum’s compelling rap style. One user remarked, “Mooro’s soothing voice and Anjum’s words – the best combination ❤️.”

The surprise element of Talha Anjum’s involvement also left fans pleasantly surprised. A viewer shared, “Just saw Mooroo released a song and clicked (didn’t know Anjum was in the song) as soon as I heard his voice, my jaw dropped ❤️.”

Talha Anjum, a member of the renowned rap duo Young Stunners, received his fair share of accolades from fans as well. Young Stunners enthusiasts proudly declared, “It doesn’t matter if Talha Anjum isn’t your favorite rapper, but he is the favorite rapper of your rapper 💯.”

Check out the full song here.

As “Shor” continues to resonate with audiences, Mooroo and Talha Anjum’s collaboration adds another vibrant chapter to the ever-evolving landscape of Pakistani music. Fans can enjoy the musical journey by streaming “Shor” on various platforms and exploring the Bittersweet EP for more of Mooroo’s eclectic sound.