Show or Good Gesture? Aamir Liaquat Distributes Food to Police and Rangers


Aamir Liaquat

The Coronavirus has taken a toll on everyone’s emotional health and swayed us to feel more negative than we usually would. With negative information flowing in right, left and center, it has been an exhausting time to be alive. But that’s given in a global crisis, no one knows what to expect, how to act or where to find positivity in such dark times. That’s why we are here to drop in our two cents on what you could be doing.

Drum rolls, please. If you’re looking for inspiration, watch the video below:

What did you get out of that? Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain, famous and infamous for many different things throughout his career, has yet again surfaced and sparked a conversation. He is seen distributing homemade biryani to the Tangers and the policemen in Karachi.

He can be heard repeating, “yeh khairaat ki nai hai” which means, he genuinely made the effort of making homemade biryani for our fellow comrades who have tirelessly been serving us by being out on the street and looking out for our safety during the Coronavirus.




It is often easy to forget that these law enforcement officials serve us day in and out, with great risk. They struggle to find food because they are working round the clock and restaurants are no longer freely open like they would on a normal day. Therefore, it is commendable that Dr. Amir Liaquat is inspiring others to do a simple act of kindness: Cook homemade food, and deliver it to those who can’t find the time or resources to eat.

He isn’t the only one. There are various others who are running food drives, collecting ration to support families and doing their little acts of kindness by showing that the Coronavirus can have a high death toll, but it can’t kill humanity and their kindness.

If you are looking to do something positive, to clear the negativity and anxiety you might be going through, try to provide for those who cannot provide for themselves.


Look for ventures who are already making a positive change in a society that is almost ready to give up. Be the light at the end of the tunnel and do your little acts of kindness. Step up, and play your part now, just as Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain did.

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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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