‘Smoking is Bad for Marital Health’: Reham Khan Shares Cheeky Video With Husband

“Smoking is bad for your marital health”

The British-Pakistani journalist and ex-wife of PTI leader Imran Khan, Reham Khan shared a cheeky-cringe video with her third husband, Mirza Bilal Baig. The video shows her husband smoking cigarettes and asking his better half if she likes someone who smokes.

Here is the video below:

Reham can be seen answering in a rather irritated way while eating chocolate that she doesn’t like smoking. In return, he smiles slyly and says, “Mein hoon Khal Nayak”.

She captioned this video,

Smoking is bad for your marital health

Reham Khan recently tied the knot for the third time with Mirza Bilal Baig in an intimate dreamy wedding. As soon as the pictures of the wedding went viral all over the internet, the netizens became curious about how she found such a handsome-looking man who is 13 years younger than her.

To answer all the curiosity they recently shared their first filmy encounter which seems like straight out of a Bollywood film.

For the unversed, Reham Nayyar Khan is a British-Pakistani journalist, author, and filmmaker. She is the former wife of Imran Khan.

She became the talk of the town after parting ways with him and took every opportunity to spew vitriol against him and his life after her. She even went on to target Imran Khan in her controversial memoir, Reham Khan.


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