Sonam Kapoor Voices Support for Palestine Amid Bollywood’s Silence

“Half of the people in Gaza are children.”

Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor has voiced her support for Palestine amidst the ongoing brutal attack on Gaza by Israel.

While many Pakistani and international celebrities have actively taken stands against the ongoing atrocities, the majority of Bollywood celebrities have remain silent.

However, Sonam is not one to stay quiet about the war-crimes being committed against thousands of innocent people, showcasing her support for Palestine and stating, “Half of the people in Gaza are children.”

The Indian actress, who had previously re-shared a post by American supermodel Gigi Hadid to denounce the violence, has now taken to social media to express her solidarity with Palestine. In a series of Instagram stories, Kapoor highlighted the dire situation in Gaza.

Furthermore, the Aisha star shared a quote from journalist Nicholas Kristof’s article in a foreign-based newspaper, emphasizing the moral responsibility to protect the lives of Palestinian children, just as they would protect Israeli children. The quote reads:

If we owe a moral responsibility to Israeli children, we owe the same moral responsibility to Palestinian children. Their lives have equal weight. If you care about human life only in Israel or Gaza, then you don’t actually care about human life.

While Sonam Kapoor’s pro-Palestine stance drew mixed reactions in India, it was widely applauded by thousands of people worldwide.

The conflict in Gaza has resulted in a devastating toll, with at least 2,670 Palestinians killed, a quarter of them children, nearly 10,000 wounded, and around 1,000 people missing and believed to be buried under rubble.

Sonam Kapoor’s decision to speak out on behalf of Palestine in the face of the ongoing violence underscores the importance of global solidarity and the need to address the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the region.

Her actions have reignited discussions about the responsibility to protect the lives of all children, regardless of their nationality, amid the conflict in Israel and Palestine.