“Sound Diaries” Explores the Beauty of Pakistan Through Music

Sound Diaries, a journey of Karim Barolia and Aamish Hussain, explores the beauty of Pakistan through sound.

Pakistan is blessed with a rich culture & beautiful landscape that should be portrayed positively to the world; many have already been doing it.

However the idea of Sound Diaries is to show the positive image of Pakistan through its authentic sounds. By travelling and identifying hidden talent, culture & nature and presenting in its purest form, it is all about story telling through sounds.

Karim Barolia, music producer and director of video of the song “Ho Mian”, came up with the concept from his real life journey. The video begins with Karim on a journey of self-exploration trying to find the connection with God within.

As he travels and explores the beauty of Sindh, Natasha Baig subliminally sings the song as different characters who cross his path unnoticed during the course of his journey.


The song features the voice of Natasha Baig. Stunning audio and visual presentation explores the pathways and connections of being one with God, the journey of self-realization and of finding God within us.

The “Ho Mian” video showcases exquisite landmarks and heritage sites such as Kalan Kot Fort, Haleji Lake and Shah Jahan Mosque in Thatta, Sindh.

Natasha Baig, lending her mystical voice to the lyrics of Ghulam Murtaza Mehdi and music production of Karim Barolia, truly makes “Ho Mian” touch the soul of the listener.

The second video of Sound Diaries wouldn’t have been possible without a production team lead by Aamish Hussain and co-directed by Zainab Nasir, who executed Karim’s directorial vision on location.

Throughout the video, Sound Diaries pays tribute to the architectural glory and historic allure of these sites that have stood the test of time. Alongside their extraordinary appeal, each of these landmarks tells a story of years gone by. It is our responsibility to ensure we do our part to preserve the mystique of our exquisite heritage.

Sound Diaries is determined to continue its auditory journey through different regions of Pakistan. The first Chapter of Sound Diaries covered “Thar” and its authentic sound and coming up they are working on their new chapter which is about the metropolitan city Karachi and its authentic sounds, as Karim said when you think of Karachi you have a strong perception about it and its sounds.

The project has been self-funded until now, and is currently looking for sponsorship to continue on in its mission of showcasing the beauty of Pakistan through sound.

For more information and their work, you can follow them on their Facebook page here.