‘Spread Love, Not Rona’- UAE Restaurants Offer Special Discounts For Covid-Vaccinated Individuals

10% on first dose and 20% on the second. Could it get any better?

'Vaccinated Discounts'

Coronavirus cases saw a sudden spike in UAE after New Year’s eve. Just yesterday, more than 3,500 cases were reported in the Emirates. Now, as some vaccines are freely available, initiatives are being undertaken to control the spread of the virus. Recently, 3 famous restaurants have announced special ‘vaccinated discounts’ for those immunized against COVID-19.

Although the number of patients has been increasing in the country, the borders remain open for tourism. However, some changes have been made to ensure public safety. Restaurants will remain open as usual, but the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster has issued certain directives.

Now restaurants can only cater to 7 people at one table – the number went down from 10. And only 4 people will be allowed to sit together at a table in cafes. The distance between tables has also been increased from two to three meters.

Other than this, the number of people allowed at a social gathering has been cut down from 200 to 10. Moreover, vaccines from the Chinese firm Sinopharm is available for the public, free of cost. While US drugmaker Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech have also been supplying vaccines to UAE.


Spread Love, Not Rona- ‘vaccinated discounts’

We are glad to see UAE making public health and safety its priority. But to our surprise, even restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon to save the world [and attempt a PR stunt]. 3 popular restaurants –  Alpine restaurant Publique, British restaurant Reform Social and Grill, and Ultra Brasserie – have introduced interesting discounts.


'Vaccinated Discounts'



According to the recent banners, people who have taken the 1st dose of the corona vaccine can avail 10% discount. Similarly, those who have taken full 2 doses can avail 20% discount. Of course, customers will have to provide the relevant proof.

With the slogan ‘Spread Love, Not Rona’, Gates Hospitality [owners of the restaurants] are trying to encourage the public to get vaccinated. But the public has had mixed reactions to these ‘vaccinated discounts’.


Public Reacts

From PR stunt to a genuine concern – people have been raising questions about the motives behind these ‘vaccinated discounts’. Let’s take a look at what everyone is saying:









What do you think of this ‘Spread Love, Not Rona’ campaign? Do you think these ‘vaccinated discounts’ are unethical, as some have pointed out? Or is it a harmless PR stunt? Share your views in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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