Squid Game Actor Oh Young Soo Arrested for ‘Sexual Misconduct’

The case was recently reopened at the request of his alleged victim.

Korean actor Oh Young Soo, who is famous for his role in the blockbuster Netflix series Squid Game, was recently arrested for charges of sexual misconduct charges.

The 78-year-old star was indicted of inappropriately touching a woman’s body in 2017. She had reportedly filed a complaint last December and although the case was closed in April, it was later reopened.

Although the actor has denied all allegations made against him, he was taken into custody and charged on 24 November.

The Golden-Globe award-winning actor star stated that what he did was merely guide the victim around a lake. At the time, he had held the victim’s hand and apologized immediately because the victim claimed she wouldn’t make it an issue.

He stated,

I just held her hand to guide her way around the lake. At the time, I apologized because she said she wouldn’t make a fuss about it. It doesn’t mean I admit the charges, though.

Oh Young Soo starred in the blockbuster Netflix series, Squid Game, as Oh Il Nam who suffers from a brain tumor. He won the Best Supporting Actor Award in the TV category at the Golden Globe Awards in the United States in January this year for it.