‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp Faces Backlash for Offensive Zionism Viral Video

The actor is heavily criticized for his Islamophobic stunt.

Noah Schnapp, best known for his role as Will Byers in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, is facing global backlash after a video surfaced online featuring him posing with stickers that read “Hamas is Isis” and “Zionism is sexy.”

In the video, Schnapp is seen laughing and engaging in this controversial act with friends. The viral clip has ignited widespread condemnation, particularly amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Critics have described Schnapp’s actions as “sick,” “twisted,” “vile,” and “disgusting,” considering the current situation with Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

The actor, who is Jewish, has come under intense scrutiny for his involvement in spreading what many view as inflammatory messages during a period of heightened tensions.

Renowned author and columnist Fatima Bhutto took to Twitter to express her criticism, stating,

It would be hard to find an unsexier group of people to advertise a less sexy cause. Premature babies are being pulled from incubators thanks to Israel.

She further condemned the perceived celebration of what she labeled as “genocide” and initiated the hashtag #BoycottStrangerThings.

Joining the chorus of critics, singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui referred to Zionists as “necrophiliacs” and expressed disbelief at the use of the term “sexy” in the context of the ongoing conflict.

The online community has been quick to respond, with one user expressing frustration, “Seeing Noah Schnapp able to get away with spreading Zionist and Islamophobic propaganda meanwhile so many others get fired or blacklisted for showing even the slightest bit of support towards Palestinians enrages me so bad.”

Amidst the controversy, pro-Palestine activists are advocating for a ceasefire as Israel continues its military operations in Gaza.

The death toll has reportedly exceeded 11,000 people, including at least 4,000 children, according to Gaza’s health ministry. The dire situation has kept global attention focused on the conflict, with no signs of diminishing interest.