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“Talash” Teaser Shows Saleem Mairaj In a Screen-Stealing Role [Video]

Release date of the movie is yet to be announced.


Pakistani film industry’s revival has produced some very entertaining movies in the recent past – with the likes of ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’, ‘Actor in Law’, ‘Na Maloom Afraad’, and ‘Wrong No.’ being on the top of the list.

Its an interesting time indeed, and people are pointing out how the quality gap between our TV and film industry continues to narrow.

While this new culture has produced jobs for many struggling actors as a positive, we can’t help but think that a race of deeply commercial movie-making may result in lesser quality films. This is because commercial movies are concerned with generating the maximum revenue and to rule the box office.

This trend has pushed indie films that have a social message to a corner. Such movies were once the pride of our film industry.


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Talash Aims to Buck That Trend

However, the upcoming movie ‘Talash’ is the latest effort to bring back films with a deep social message. The film focuses on the dilemma of high child mortality in Pakistan due to malnutrition.

Written by Muhammad Nadeem Qureshi, and directed by Zeeshan Khan, ‘Talash’ has an impressive cast, including renowned media celebrity Sana Bucha, talented actor Salim Mairaj, Ahmad Zeb, Faria Hassan, Noman Sami, and Adnan Shah Tipu to name a few.

The teaser of the movie has recently been released, and Saleem Mairaj has stolen each scene he is in.

Intriguing Teaser

Not even once does the teaser trailer reveal the original agenda of the movie. Instead, it revolves around a group of friends who, after graduating from a medical college, set up a medical camp in rural Tharparkar. There, one of their friends goes missing, and they begin a search to find him.

The teaser, without a doubt, is very high on emotions and Saleem Mairaj’s presence has made it even more appealing.

Talash is yet to get a release date.

Written by Raza Rizvi


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