‘Tamasha’ Season 2 Winner Aruba Mirza Addresses Online Trolls

The finale showcased the culmination of the 50-day journey of the top five finalists, which included Omer Shahzad, Faizan Sheikh, Junaid Niazi, and Neha Khan.

In the wake of her victory on the season 2 of Tamasha, Aruba Mirza has addressed the trolls and haters who have been commenting negative things about her win.

The young actress urged people to be respectful and expressed her indifference to the online trolls.

She stated that she would have been equally happy and not feel jealous if her fellow contestants, including fan-favorite Omer Shahzad or the runner-up Junaid Niazi, had emerged as the winners.

The finale of the hit reality show, hosted by Mohib Mirza, aired on Saturday night, showcasing the culmination of the 50-day journey of the top five finalists, which included Omer Shahzad, Faizan Sheikh, Junaid Niazi, Neha Khan, and Aruba Mirza.

However, Aruba’s victory did not sit well with a significant portion of the show’s fanbase, who had rallied behind other contestants. This discontentment led to a surge of online criticism and claims of the show being “fixed.”

The grand finale featured musical performances by Asim Azhar and comedian Ali Sikander, who was previously a contestant but was eliminated before the final episode. Adnan Siddiqui also made a memorable appearance in his “Badshah Salamat” persona, presiding over the proceedings from his throne.

In attendance were the families of the top five contestants, who had hoped to witness their loved ones clinch the trophy and the impressive Rs25 lacs cash prize.

Additionally, the nine contestants previously eliminated from the competition were present, along with some fan-favorite contestants from the show’s first season, including Tamasha season 1 winner Umer Aalam.

As the episode progressed, the pool of finalists dwindled, with Faizan Sheikh being the first to exit, followed by Neha Khan, surprising many due to her unexpected journey. Omer Shahzad’s elimination disappointed fans who had fervently supported him throughout the competition, leaving Junaid Niazi and Aruba Mirza as the last contenders.

Amidst mounting tension and anticipation, Adnan Siddiqui, the show’s host, finally declared Aruba Mirza as the winner, prompting jubilation from the audience and former contestants.

Tamasha is a popular reality show that followed the format of the US-based reality show Big Brother, with contestants isolated from the outside world, sharing a house, and participating in various tasks and challenges to avoid elimination.

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