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Tarek Fatah Has a Problem with Sarfaraz But Twitter’s Not Having It

So this guy has a problem with Sarfaraz’s choice of formal wear during his meeting with the Queen.

The Pakistani Cricket team captain Sarfaraz Ahmed did us proud by wearing shalwaz kameez during his meeting with the Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II. The choice of attire is in line with Pakistani culture and we’re proud of him for highlighting it so confidently.

Here is Safaraz with all the other captains during their photo-op with the Queen.

CWC 2019 Meet the Queen
CWC 2019 Captains meet the Queen Elizabeth II

While many appreciated Sarfaraz Ahmed’s ethnic attire in a room full of men clad in suits, some didn’t. You guessed it, some desis with an identity complex were the culprits (trolls in this case to be precise).

Sarfaraz Ahmed dressed in Eastern formal-wear to meet the Queen of Britain Elizabeth II

When it comes to ethnic identity, we all need a good sense of that. A post-colonial mindset comes with more than just a ‘gora complex‘.

One such individual is Tarek Fatah. This self-professed “Pakistani-born Indian” (we have a word for that immigrant) went hardcore on trolling Sarfaraz.

Of course Pakistani and even Indian Twitter users then immediately put him in his place.

Turns out his adopted home of India doesn’t want to foster him anyway (just deport him…..)

Even the Secretary-General of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PTI) Khurram Nawaz Gandapur called out Tarek Fateh’s colonial complex. He then schooled him on what ‘culture’ is.

There was a Lagaan reference as well:

Again, people from across the border made it clear they understand and appreciate culture, save for that one guy here.

This Indian even pointed out how distasteful those ‘lungi/dhoti’ comments are. Well that’s what Gandhi wore during his meeting with the King back then. Doesn’t make it any wrong.

Its not surprising what Fatah tweeted. He has a history of making comments that just expose him for the hate-monger he is. We’re just glad that most people are not supporting his moronic remarks regarding Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Written by Lens Staff


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