‘Tere Jiye Koi Nai’: Uzair Jaswal And Syra Yousuf Melt Fans’ Hearts

People are loving the singer’s new song from his upcoming album ‘Lovestruck’.

Singer and songwriter Uzair Jaswal is back with another soulful track, “Tere Jiya Koi Nai” featuring the lovely Syra Yousuf!

uzair jaswal syra yousuf


Uzair Jaswal always has a way with words, knowing how to pull at the heartstrings of fans with soulful songs. The 29-year-old is enjoying great success with his latest album ‘Lovestruck’. Uzair took to his YouTube channel to premiere his first music video from the latest album. Check it out!

Directed by Uzair’s brother, Yasir Jaswal, with associate director Waqas Hassan and producer Roshan Usman, fans are loving “Tere Jiya Koi Nai”. Fans appreciate the lyrical work and composition, while some are vibing out to its ‘Western aesthetics’. Here’s what the people had to say about Uzair Jaswal’s new song featuring Syra Yousuf.

uzair jaswal syra yousuf

Uzair Jaswal is a very popular Pakistani musician and song writer. His songs are loved by the Pakistani young generation. He has been doing music since the age of 14. Uzair, the youngest of the Jaswal brothers, has been on his own journey – one without the shadow or influence of his family. The 29-year-old is known for his soulful tracks and melodious voice. The singer started music as an independent artist, producing experimental music which, later caught on among the Pakistani youth.

What do you think about Uzair Jaswal’s latest song “Tere Jiya Koi Nai” and his chemistry onscreen with the gorgeous Syra Yousuf? Be sure to check it out on YouTube. The song is also available on Spotify.


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