Dr. Shaista Lodhi Breaks Down Maryam Nawaz’s Plastic Surgery [Video]

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Dr. Shaista Lodhi is a famed television personality, an aesthetic medicine specialist and a cosmetologist. Being a celeb and working in the cosmetic industry, the doctor is no stranger to vanity. Now the morning show host is breaking down Maryam Nawaz’s plastic surgery for us.


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There’s no shame in wanting to look good, yet most public figures keep the fact they have been under the knife under tight wraps. Projecting the idea that people can look flawless without cosmetic help is problematic.

While many celebs do post make-up free selfies without filters, it would be nice for celebs to be candid about their cosmetic surgery too. In the meantime, in her appearance on ‘To Be Honest 2.0‘, Dr. Shaista Lodhi spilled the deets on what Maryam Nawaz fans can do to look as good as she does.

Maryam Nawaz before and after cosmetic enhancement

The show host comedian Tabish Hashmi shared how he and many others have a crush on the Pakistani politician. He then talked about how the daughter of ex-premier Nawaz Sharif wasn’t always this gorgeous. He isn’t the first to want details on Maryam Nawaz’s plastic surgery.

Dr. Shaista Lodhi then lauded Maryam Nawaz’s plastic surgeon for the incredible job.

 “Whatever she has done, she has done it rightfully.”


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Notice the difference in her nose, hairline, and jawline after Maryam Nawaz’s plastic surgery

When the host commented that her surgeon must have been foreign, Shaista Lodhi informed him that there is no shortage of incredibly skilled plastic surgeons in Pakistan.

“No, you’re wrong, this can be local work too. There are people who are working really well locally.”

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