Terrible Discovery: Culprits Behind 7-Year-Old’s Brutal Rape Were Her Own Cousins

Momina Larik was brutally raped and murdered last week, sending shockwaves across the country

Momina Larik

Last week, the rape and murder of a seven-year-old in Khairpur sent shock waves all across the country. New developments have been made in Momina Larik’s case and turns out, that her cousins were the culprits.

The Sindh police collected 124 DNA samples in the case and arrested some men as well. On Monday, it was revealed that the culprits were her cousin brothers. The test reports stated that suspects Abdullah and Saleem Larik raped the child.

Her father was utterly shocked at the revelation and said that the police should conduct another DNA test.

“I want the police to conduct the DNA test again. I can’t believe my nephews could do something like this.”

The suspects have been arrested and have confessed to the crime during questioning. The reason behind this brutality was revenge.

“One of the perpetrators, Abdullah, said he committed the crime to avenge the murder of his sister,” a police officer said.

On January 12, Momina Larik’s body was found in a field in Pir Jo Goth, according to the police. She was abducted two days ago.

Khairpur SSP Ameer Saud Magsi said the autopsy report confirmed the girl was raped before being murdered.

“The SHO rushed to the spot and collected evidence from the scene after the crime was reported,” he said.

The chief justice of the Sindh High Court took suo motu of the case on January 13.



7-Year-Old Momina Larik Abducted, Raped, and Killed in Khairpur

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