7-Year-Old Momina Larik Abducted, Raped, and Killed in Khairpur

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Momina Larik

At the tender age of 7, most children develop a thirst for knowledge, their curiosity about the world excites them, and they truly begin understanding emotions and their consequences. An age when our biggest worry is the little fight we had with a best friend. Or the favorite toy that has gone missing. Little do we know about the bigger problems of the world and the monsters that lurk in the darkness. But a 7-year-old girl, Momina Larik met a monster at this young age and met a brutal death.

Reports have been flooding the internet – a young girl abducted, raped, and killed in Pir Jo Goth village in the Khairpur District. And much like all the other young victims of sexual abuse, Momina was not able to survive the attack. Brutality, rapes, and killings against children haunt every corner of Pakistan. But authorities seem to keep looking the other way.

Last year, Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet approved a new anti-rape measure. The ordinance has been signed in order to speed up the convictions. And it also allowed chemical castration of some offenders. But to our dismay, nothing has changed – and children keep becoming victims of sexual assault.

Louder, for the unruffled authorities!

Social media is outraged because before today nobody had an inkling about this case. There was no news coverage on mass media and angry netizens took to their respective social media accounts to spread awareness and start the hashtag trend Justice for Momina Larik (#JusticeForMominaLarik).

Due to the sensitivity of the matter, viewer discretion is advised.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the public reactions to this news:














According to the reports, Momina’s body has been taken for a postmortem, and evidence is being collected.

Since the  Zainab case, we have seen several cases of sexual abuse – and Momina Larik is not the last victim. As reported by Sahil, at least 10 children endured some form of abuse on daily basis in Pakistan. The more important, pressing question is; when will the authorities say ‘enough is enough’ and take adequate measures?



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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