The New Allama Iqbal Sculpture In Lahore Has Twitter In Fits

People unanimously agree, they are glad ‘Iqbal isn’t alive to see this’.

Allama Iqbal

Just when you thought everything is going great, summer breeze feels lovelier than ever, and your grades are getting better (or are they?), a strange sculpture of Allama Iqbal has left Pakistanis with a lot of questions and self-reflections.

Recently, a new sculpture of Allama Iqbal was unveiled at Gulshan Park Lahore and it is getting a lot of attention on social media, but for all the wrong reasons. When the photos appeared on Twitter, it made netizens furious and if you are wondering what is going on, take a look at these photos.


Apparently, netizens are disappointed at the ‘bizarre’ move. They are questioning the authorities that how was a statue like this placed at a park. Besides, it doesn’t resemble the Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa poet at all. Some are considering it as a mockery on the Poet of the East and are asking the authorities to remove it as soon as possible.


But the truth is, it was not a commissioned piece of art. In fact, a group of gardeners at the park made this statue out of their love for Allama Iqbal.



Nonetheless, Twitter is in a fury and netizens are demanding the authorities to remove it from the public place. Let’s take a look at these reactions.




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