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These are the Most Stressful Jobs Worldwide!

Does your job cause you severe stress?

most stressful jobs in the world

Since it’s National Stress Awareness Day, we thought we’d list the most stressful jobs in the world, so we can blame work for all the stress in our lives right now (admit it, we all do).

While some people do love their jobs, despite the stress load that accompanies it, why not take this moment to evaluate what sort of role is going to result in more sleepless nights for us.

Jobs that make you go grrrrrrrr

According to Career Addict, these are the most stressful jobs in the world:

  1. Military personnel
  2. Firefighter
  3. Airline pilot
  4. Police officer
  5. Event coordinator
  6. Reporter
  7. Broadcaster
  8. Public Relations executive
  9. Senior corporate executive
  10. Taxi driver
  11. Surgeon
  12. Lawyer
  13. Bartender
  14. Paramedic
  15. IT manager
  16. Social Worker Mental Health Counselor
  17. Telephone Operator
  18. Teacher
  19. Sport Referee



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Whilst some of these rankings are obvious, others might come as a surprise as they’re deemed dream jobs.

So how exactly were these career choices ranked from most stressful to less stressful and so on? Read on.


The amount of stress experienced by any professional is determined by 11 factors. These factors are typical demands and crises inherent to a worker with a particular job.

The 11 factors or different job demands which are reasonably expected to evoke stress are:

  • Travel – 0-10
  • Growth Potential (income divided by 100)
  • Physical demands (stoop, climb, etc.) – 0-14
  • Conditions, Environmental – 0-13
  • Hazards encountered – 0-5
  • Meeting the public – 0-8
  • Competitiveness – 0-15
  • Death (Own life at risk) – 0-8
  • Life of another at risk – 0-10
  • Deadlines – 0-9
  • Working in the public eye – 0-5


Each factor or demand is assigned a range of points. If a factor is a particular demand for a job, it was rated higher on that score for that factor. A smaller score was awarded if the demand was a small part of the job.


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If a factor was not a demand of the job, there would be a null score for that factor.

The scores only reveal the general amount of stress in any given occupation. An individual worker’s stress levels are greatly dependent on the working conditions, employer and co-workers, mental outlook and a multitude of other factors that play a part in stress.

So guys and girls, a work-life balance is very important. Does your job cause you more stress than it should? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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