These Dupattas By Misha Lakhani Are Going For Rs 20,000!

Are you willing to pay this much for it?

dupattas from misha lakhani

There are people who love certain brands and there’s no shame in it. But at what point does this brand-conscious mindset becomes too much to handle? Well, these over-priced dupattas make a good case here. Pakistani fashion brand Misha Lakhani just unveiled their line of designer dupattas for Eid.

But there’s something different about them, and people have thoughts. The price tag on these items is astronomically sky high!


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That doesn’t mean people won’t go berserk over an over-priced dupatta. Paying more than Rs 20,000 for a dupatta? Some ‘fashionistas’ might end up doing it.

AS expected, Pakistani social media users had a field day with this.

Initially,  the product was met with criticism and skepticism online.

Soon enough, people were trying to figure out alternative uses of the clothing item. They want to justify their price tag after all.

The Pakistani textile industry has laid off hundreds of people during the coronavirus situation. Perhaps this partly explains the public anger over the inflated price tags.

Come to think of it, these dupattas might be fit for Bollywood, given how unbelievable and over the top they are.

Or maybe these are from when Harry Potter props were auctioned. In that case, we march to Narnia.

People then questioned if the dupatta makers at Misha Lakhani got their target audience mixed up.

A debate rages on

The purpose of brands that produce locally is affordable clothing, but that memo got lost somewhere in all that fabric. Some people tried defending the price tag with arguments this paying for the wages of daily workers.



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However, some folks pointed out how the price tag is for the brand name, not the effort put in by the workers.

What are your thoughts regarding these scarves from Misha Lakhani?


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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