These Popular Actresses Can’t Pull Off A Western Look [Pictures]

This a fashion travesty!


Pakistani showbiz industry has produced a lot of talented actresses in recent times. Many of the newcomers have already achieved a lot of success due to their performances. Many have gone on to become household names. Although talent and skill are important, style and fashion sense play a huge part in making someone a superstar.


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Traditional eastern outfits have often been a safe choice for many celebrities as they bring out their grace and elegance. However, in order to appeal to the young generation and capture global brand attention, actresses prefer to switch up their style and go ‘modern’.





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While stars like Mahira Khan or Mehwish Hayat can pull off the western look, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s a list of Pakistani actresses who lost style points in western outfits:


Sarah Khan


For her recent role in the drama serial Sabaat, Sarah Khan had to completely change her usual look. While the actress certainly knows how to pull off any role, she did struggle to make her character look ‘modern’.



Sarah is an actress who prefers not to wear revealing outfits, so the producers had to dress her up in suits and long trousers that required her to be in heels all the time.



The audience could see Sarah’s discomfort in the outfit as she was not comfortable sitting down, covering herself with a cape or pullover. Suffice to say, this was not a good look for her.


Alizeh Shah


A popular starlet of the showbiz industry, Alizeh has made a name for herself due to her charming looks. Regarded as the ‘girl-next-door’, Alizeh has often portrayed the innocent girl in almost every hit drama serial. While fans love her look onscreen, her offscreen style is not working out for her. The youngster prefers to carry a western-style that usually consists of jeans and t-shirts.



However, Alizeh doesn’t have the ability to carry that look as most of her tops are criticized as ‘tacky’. The actress isn’t a fan of eastern outfits but she definitely needs a stylist to help her out.

Anmol Baloch


Anmol has often been criticized for wearing outfits just to create the wrong kind of buzz on social media. The actress tries her best to stand out with her fashion, wearing revealing outfits to make a statement that often backfires on her.




Anmol certainly has the looks to pull off any style but she often picks outfits that are uninspired. Most of the time, she prefers to wear sleeveless tank tops and yoga pants for social media. The “snakeskin” gym look was all sorts of cringe.


Amna Malick


One of those actresses who does NOT look anything like her character onscreen. Although that may be a good thing for some actresses, unfortunately, not for Amna Malick.



The talented starlet is breathtaking in her performances in hit drama serials, which is why she has such a large fan following. However, on social media, Amna lets loose her weird ‘fashionista’ look.



Let’s just say that western-style does not suit her.


Yumna Zaidi


Another reason why eastern/traditional outfits often bring out the best in our celebrities. Yumna Zaidi is one of the most popular stars in the industry. The actress has become a household name due to her adorable looks and graceful style in traditional outfits. However, recently, Yumna has started experimenting with some unique ‘modern’ outfits that just look weird.



Even fans of the popular starlet aren’t sure whether to praise her on the new look. It’s always better to stick with the more traditional and simplistic style that made Yumna such a loveable figure in showbiz.

Did we miss anyone from the list? Share your suggestions in the comments below.


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