Thief Steals Car Tyres in Bani Gala, Leaves an Apology Note Behind [Pictures]

Now that is just bizarre..

Thief Bani Gala

A thief in Bani Gali stole tyres off a car and left an apologetic note. Wait, what?

An Islamabad-based journalist, Asad Ali Toor, recently took to his Twitter account to share the news. He shared pictures of the tyre-less car and a note – that expressed regret and sorrow. Sharing the pictures on his account, Asad wrote:


From Bani Gala, the thief took off the tires of a Public News journalist’s car from Islamabad and left a written note on the way, which said, “I have small children. I am stealing under duress. Please don’t curse me.”


Take a look at the original Twitter post here:



Let’s take a closer look at the note that was left by the thief. After stealing the tyres off the car, he wrote:


I am sorry sir.

I am an extremely poor man, and I am forced to do this out of necessity. Sorry sir- I have small children, please don’t curse me.

I am extremely sorry.


Here’s the full picture of the note that was left by the thief:



Is this a first?

This is not the first time we’ve seen an apology letter from a thief. However, this is the first time something like this has happened in Pakistan. Last year, a similar incident took place in Birmingham, UK.

A thief stole items from a student and left a heartfelt apology email. It read:


Hello i am very very sorry for taking your laptop. i am extremely poor and needed the money. i left your phone and wallet so i hope that slightly makes up for something.

I can see you are a university student. if there is any files such as university work on here that you need, let me know and i will send them to you here.


How often do we see something like this? The answer is; Never! Well, here’s what Twitter has to say about the thief in Bani Gala:


Public Reacts

Most netizens found this odd and unusual act by the thief extremely bizarre. Here’s what they have to say:







We hope the man who was forced to steal to feed his family gets back on his feet [without stealing]. And the person whose car this is- we hope he did not have to face any major setback other than this.

When you walk the streets of your city- especially if you’re in Karachi – you’d notice that amongst the familiar beggars are well-dressed individuals asking for monetary help. Now, more than ever, the streets are filled with families who are in need of financial assistance. If that is not a sign of a depreciating economy then what is?

Tell us your opinion of this thief from Bani Gala. Share your views in the comments section down below.

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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