This Camel Library is Bringing Books to Underprivileged Kids in Balochistan

How amazing is this?

We all know about the National Book Foundation‘s mobile library ‘Books on Wheels.’ But what about places where there are no roads? These remote regions, especially in Balochistan, remain deprived of quality literature. Thankfully, that’s not the case. The Alif Laila Book Bus Society has come up with a unique way to solve this problem – with a library on a camel!

That’s right. Where the roads don’t go, a makeshift library on a camel is helping youngsters read their favorite stories.

While we’ve seen plenty of mobile library initiatives on wheels over the years, no one really thought about remote places where the wheels can’t take you. Its a good thing then that someone is looking out for underprivileged kids.


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A Library on a Camel?

This self-styled camel library distributes books for free to children in Turbat, Balochistan. It hopes to  encourage the habit of reading in the remote area. A non-governmental organization, Alif Laila Book Bus Society, and the Female Education Trust are jointly running this project.

Their camel library garnered a lot of attention online after Voice of America did a detailed piece on their initiative.


More About The Alif Laila Book Bus Society

The Alif Laila Book Bus Society was established in 1978 with the objective of creating solutions to Pakistan’s educational problems. They aim to find strategically effective paths to 100% literacy and modernization of education within pre-existing socio-economic constraints.

They offer free resources for this mission. Their accomplishments include creating ‘Interactive Learning Aids for Early Childhood Education’ as well as a mobile library on wheels, hence the name book bus society. Now they’ve initiated a ‘camel library’ as well.

This is indeed a creative solution to ensure literacy in areas that remain underdeveloped and neglected by official channels. The government needs to do its part too to help uplift these communities. One can only hope that things change for the better.


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