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This House in Islamabad Looks Straight Out of Lord of the Rings Movies [Pictures]

The house is for sale, in case you’re wondering.

J.R.R. Tolkien fans brace yourself because we no longer have to go to New Zealand to see the Hobbit’s Shire.

Someone in Islamabad has built a 11 kanal Hobbit-themed farmhouse. We’re wondering if its open to the public?

LOTR inspired Hobbit House

LOTR inspired Hobbit House in Islamabad

The house from The Hobbit/LOTR

LOTR inspired farmhouse in Islamabad

A Great Replica of the Hobbit House from the movies

The replica of Bilbo Baggin’s hobbit house from the Lord of the Rings franchise surfaced recently in Islamabad (whoever made this, we appreciate it).

In the movie, the hobbit house is miniature and cute even with all its space. That cottage would only be fit for a hobbit (Gandalf can stand just fine in the interiors though).

This same cottage has been reproduced for a life-size person. it covers a mammoth distance of 11 Kanals (fit for a big hobbit family or to host a band of dwarves).

LOTR inspired farmhouse in Islamabad

The Hobbit inspired farmhouse in Islamabad

Its for Sale

If you’re a die hard fan of LOTR/The Hobbit franchise then you can even live in this estate for real. Word is that the owner of the property is reportedly selling it in Rawalpindi/Islamabad (could go to the open house to see it for real).

Don’t worry, the house is built with contemporary needs in mind with a kitchen and bathroom (complete with indoor piping and electricity).

Hobbit House in Islamabad

Hobbit House contemporary


The hobbit farmhouse is located just a few minutes away from Bahria Phase 8 near Zarrar garrison on Adiyala road that connects Baharia town with DHA.

This road also connects to a gated community of over 65 farmhouses. That gated community of farmhouses is actually where this LOTR/The Hobbit inspired hobbit farmhouse is located.

Hobbit farmhouse near Bahria Phase 8, Islamabad

The Hobbit inspired farmhouse near Bahria Phase 8, Islamabad

LOTR inspired Hobbit farmhouse near Bahria Phase 8, Islamabad

Hobbit farmhouse near Bahria Phase 8

While the exterior of the Hobbit farmhouse is pretty spot on true to the film set, the interior is more contemporary. The farmhouse interior has some impressive modern features.

Hobbit farmhouse interior

Hobbit farmhouse contemporary interior

Hobbit farmhouse modern interior

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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