This Martial Artist Has Set 62 Guinness World Records for Pakistan [Video]

He has added another feather to his cap.

Guinness World Records

Pakistani martial artist Muhammad Rashid Naseem has once again made the nation proud of his achievements. He has now set the 62nd Guinness World Record for Pakistan by smashing the most number of clay targets with punch strike in one minute.

Among other titles and achievements, Muhammad Rashid has now set the record for ‘Most Clay Sporting Targets Broken With Punch Strikes in One Minute’. He was able to smash 62 clay targets and brought home another great win.


Muhammad Rashid is the pride of Pakistan as he has constantly made significant accomplishments as a martial artist.

Among other titles, Muhammad Rashid has earned the Guinness World Records for the categories of breaking the most pencils with head in one minute (103), most walnuts crushed by hands in one minute (284), most Bo staff strikes in one minute (394).

Last December, the martial artist had beaten India’s world record by crushing 256 walnuts with elbow within a minute.

But the serial record breaker doesn’t want to stop here. He wants to strive for the best and is working towards 100 record titles. He is already on his way to achieve his goal and we hope he succeeds in it.

Kudos to Muhammad Rashid and many other gems of our country who are making the nation proud every single day!



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