This Pakistani Actor Links His Ancestral Background To Ertuğrul’s Biggest Enemies, the Mongols

Can you guess who he is?


Pakistani actor Fahad Mirza gave his fans a brief history lesson as he shared his ancestral background on his Instagram. The Shanakht actor traced his background all the way back to the Mongols. Yep, the same Mongols who were Ertuğrul‘s fiercest enemies.

He shared a photo of his grandfather and his aunt and revealed his deep-rooted connections with Mongols, who were later recognized as Mughals.

“My Grandfather (Dada) Uzair Mirza and my phuppo!” he wrote alongside the photo.


“For all those that are saying I am descended from Mongols the same ones that Ertugrul Ghazi was fighting, let’s not forget…descendants of the same mongols centuries later made Islam the dominant religion in the Indian subcontinent as the Mughal Empire!” he added.



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Well, Fahad Mirza is absolutely right.  What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Munazza Mehmood

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