This Pakistani Photographer and His Pal Are Bringing Superheroes to Life [Pictures]

This is truly phenomenal work!

A Pakistani photographer and an Indian artist teamed up to produce such stunning works of art that they’ve even caught the eye of DC Comics and Warner Bros. The duo is pretty much putting the desi cosplayer community on the international map.

Saif Zulfiqar and Aeron Costaa, are the Pakistani-Indian duo behind Phantasm Photography based in the Middle East. Their images are a cosplayer’s dream, and we must say, they do take their slogan ‘bring a superhero to life’ very seriously.

Check out their most recent (and stunning) portrayal of Dr. Strange. We’re sure Benedict Cumberbatch approves!


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Who are the people behind Phastasm Photography?

Saif is the photographer and Aeron is the artist in this relationship. What started as a hobby at first, is now a serious vocation. Their aim is to give the desi cosplayer community the international recognition we deserve.

Saif and Aeron told Mashable Pakistan;

“We wanted to push the community here and take them further by putting them on the same standard as other pro communities from around the world (Saif)…… our motivation came from wanting to put artists and cosplayers in this region on an international stage. (Aeron)”

Their work has blown up to the point where besides regional and international cosplayers, even DC Comics and the official Superman Facebook account featured their work.


And that’s not all. Even celebrities are recognizing their amazing creations. Batman himself, Kevin Conroy, also gave them a shoutout.

While the boys are sort of becoming representatives of cosplay photography in their region. Aeron wants them to do more exciting stuff with their newfound fame.

“Our current next goal for phantasm is travel and 7 second movie grade CGI clips of cosplay.”


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However. Saif still wants to explore all that the art world and photography have to offer.

“We would like to explore other ventures outside of cosplay with Phantasm someday. Although we love cosplay photography and enjoy helping out the community, we would also like to explore different genres of photography with the Phantasm style as part of our artistic expression.”

We wish Saif and Aeron all the best!



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