This Peshawari Namak Mandi Restaurant in Glasgow is a Hit with Scotts

Great Scott! A Namak Mandi in Glasgow!

Pakistani cuisine is quite loved and famous in the West for the loaded spices and protein that warm you inside, something that makes them ideal as comfort food.

While Mexican and Indian cuisine can have too much of a kick for amateur taste-buds, Pakistani food more or less hits that sweet spot for Westerners. Pakistani dishes are neither too hot, nor too bland, its just right.

It may be that we use more lipids that dilute the heat from the rich spices the sub-continent is famous for. Particularly from Peshawar, which is renowned for its lipid-packed dishes.

While we love our white rice, chapli kebabs, namkeen karahi, dhumba karahi here in most parts of Pakistan, it seems that the cuisine has managed to gather more followers in European West.

Now the fact is that you haven’t really tasted Peshwari cuisine if you haven’t tasted what Namak Mandi has to offer. The word Namak Mandi is synonymous with Peshawari cuisine. Some genius has brought the taste of Namak Mandi to Glasgow and the Scotts think its great.

Here are some pictures of satisfied customers at the Namak Mandi Peshawari Restaurant in Glasgow:

Peshawari Cuisine at its Finest

The restaurant really put a lot of effort into bringing the authentic taste of Peshawar’s Namak Mandi to the people of Glasgow. Peshawari cuisine isn’t famed for its spice and heat, but the food is famous for its diverse taste and incorporation of meats and fats into every dish possible. Even their veggie dishes are either cooked in lamb fat or incorporate meat.

Complimentary Kehwa is also offered after the food which is a famous tradition in Peshawar.

Take a look at some of their mouth-watering offerings here:



A lot of thought was also put into the decor of the restaurant to create an authentic shinwari hotel experience. Everything from the carpeted, cushioned sitting area (real dasterkhuan bro!)  to the colors resemble shinwari restaurants that Pakistan is known for.

Seems like Pakistani cuisine is just the thing we need to project our soft power all around the world.


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