This Rickshaw Driver Gave His Daughters The Education They Deserved Against All Odds

“Be it a son or a daughter, the right to education is equal for all,”

amjad ali with his daughters

The Citizens Foundation shared the story of a rickshaw driver who worked day and night to provide his girls the right to an education. Amjad Ali, the father of 6 daughters, considers them a blessing regardless of what people say.

Of course, Amjad Ali has heard his fair share of sexist and obnoxious comments like:

“What good will it do to educate your daughters? You should worry about their marriage and dowry instead.”⠀

As a responsible parent, he continued to ignore such remarks, and decided to work on fulfilling the dream of seeing his daughters educated.

Despite his struggle to make ends meet, he continues his quest to give his girls the best education possible. He understands the value of education and a woman’s independence.

“I want my daughters to have a firm standing in society. That kind of confidence and wisdom can only come from education.”⠀

Aside from being a rickshaw driver, Amjad also works a day job selling small items at a shop. In the nights he drives passengers around in a rickshaw.

One of his daughters recalled a time when they almost lost it all. Remarkably, even that wasn’t enough to deter their father from his goal:

“There came a time when we lost everything including our home. That’s when I asked Baba to let me work and support the family. He instantly refused, reminding me that it is only education that will change our lives.”

Hard Work Pays Off

His third daughter Muskan had even offered that she start working to support the family and divide the load. Amjad Ali was adamant that she complete her education first.


His hard work did pay off, as Muskan has now secured a full scholarship at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA)!

“Today, for many people it is hard to believe that the daughters of a rickshaw driver are studying in the top universities.”

The news of Muskan getting accepted in IBA came just in time for Father’s Day. Its no wonder that Amjad was beaming with pride that day.

Amjad calls his daughters his ‘pillars of strength’.

Fathers like Amjad realize the importance of education for their children and go to every extent to enable it.

Amjad’s other girls are just as bright and their teachers are vouching for them.

Rickshaw driver Amjad Ali is putting his girls through school against all odds.


The Citizens Foundation

On a television show, Amjad revealed that his eldest daughter is studying at Dow University of Health Sciences. Another is enrolled at SZABIST.  While his fourth daughter studies at the Citizen Foundation’s college.

All his girls are enrolled in Karachi’s top universities. He credits the Citizen Foundation for this.


“It was made possible because of TCF. It was because of their help and support that now my daughters are at some of the country’s leading universities.”

Aside from 6 daughters, Amjad also has a 13-year-old son.

The Citizens Foundation is raising funds to help Amjad put the rest of his girls through school. They believe its important to encourage and affirm the efforts of fathers like Amjad.

“Be it a son or a daughter, the right to education is equal for all.”

Hopefully, other parents from underprivileged backgrounds will be inspired by this example, and choose a better future for their children.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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