Time Out With Ahsan Khan: Shoaib & Sania Have Fun On Set

The sporty couple get into some playful hijinks.

Indo-Pak celebrity couple Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza have fans gushing with some cute and hilarious BTS clicks from the set of Express TV. The couple sat down for an interview with Ahsan Khan, not before indulging in some cute backstage shenanigans.

One of the most popular non-showbiz couples in Asia, Shoaib and Sania continue to win over the hearts of fans. Despite, being Indian, tennis star Sania Mirza is in the UAE, cheering on her husband, the Pakistani cricketer Malik. The couple are the perfect example of the neighborly harmony between India and Pakistan.

Shoaib and Sania Mirza have a way with connecting with the public like no other celebrity couple in Pakistan. From their diplomatic and often funny ways of cheering each other during an intense India-Pakistan cricket match to cute videos at home, the two are everyone’s favorite sports celebrities.

Recently, the couple went to Express TV for an exclusive interview on Time Out with Ahsan Khan. However, it was not just the interview that created buzz on social media but the couple’s cute behind-the-scenes antics on set. Shoaib and Sania took some fun clicks backstage that fans simply adore. Check it out!

That’s not all, here are a few exclusive clips of the sporty couple indulging in some funny shenanigans while answering some questions as well.

The celebrity couple continues to steal the limelight, recently, at a special J. fragrance launch event. The popular brand, in collaboration with the ‘sporty’ couple made a high-quality fragrance called “All Rounder”.

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