‘Tu Hai Kahan’: AUR Drop Their Big Hit Featuring Zayn Malik

The hit single is already trending on social media and Spotify.

Pakistani band AUR finally dropped their highly anticipated single “Tu Hai Kahan” with the one and only Zayn Malik.

The collaboration has taken the music world by storm, dropping on Spotify and various platforms, including YouTube.

Check it out!

Netizens have flooded social media platforms with praises for the collaboration. Zayn’s soulful Urdu vocals have particularly captured the hearts of fans, with one expressing, “Zayn singing in Urdu is all the healing I needed. He’s saved 2024 for me. ♥️”

Comments sections across platforms are filled with admiration, as fans express pride in Zayn’s representation of Asians with his exceptional talent. One enthusiastic supporter wrote, “Zayn, we are so proud of you. It’s amazing to see you represent Asians everywhere with your incredible talent. Keep being your authentic self. We are all here by your side always ❤”

The announcement of this musical union came through a tantalizing teaser on AUR’s Instagram on Wednesday, leaving fans in sheer excitement. The short clip offered a glimpse into the studio, capturing Zayn’s immersive creative process, a sight that resonates with his solo career’s artistic depth.

AUR, comprising Usama Ali, Ahad Khan, and Raffey Anwar, made waves in 2020 under the name Oraan before rebranding as AUR. Their debut single, “Tu Hai Kahan,” released in 2021, swiftly amassed over 47 million views on YouTube, solidifying their position in the music scene.

The band’s infectious blend of R&B and Hip Hop has not only captivated local audiences but has also garnered international acclaim, with a growing fan base in India and beyond.

As fans eagerly await an official music video for “Tu Hai Kahan,” the collaboration between AUR and Zayn Malik has undeniably become a musical highlight of 2024, showcasing the power of cross-cultural musical synergy.