Two Pakistani Boys Recreate Shang Chi Fight Scene With VFX [Video]

An 18-year-old Pakistani YouTuber Sohail Khan (SKgame ON) and his friend recreate the fight scene from Marvel’s Shang Chi with stunning visual effects.


Pakistan mein talent ki kami nahin (There’s no shortage of talent in Pakistan),” a wise man once said.

We’ve all heard this saying most of our lives. Whether its sports, music or art, there are some truly talented people in Pakistan. With the help of social media, every other day, people come across various individuals with amazing talent. And a young man named Sohail Khan is no exception.

Sohail is an aspiring 18-year-old visual effects (VFX) artist from Pakistan. He is avid gamer and a YouTuber. His channel on YouTube is SKgame ON, where he showcases his amazing VFX skills in various video clips.

Recently, he went viral on social media with an entertaining reenactment of the famous fight scene from Marvel Studio’s Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. Check it out!

From Harry Potter to Umbrella Academy, this young Pakistani YouTuber has a variety of entertaining content.

People are loving his work as they praise the young man in the comments. Even Pakistani animator Sharum from Sharum Ki Sketchbook complimented his work.

Talented young artists such as Sohail deserve proper education with VFX facilities to help nurture and grow their talent. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel. What do you think about SKgame ON’s fan-made video of Shang Chi? Let us know in the comment section below.


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