Umer Shareef Reveals His Experience Of Marrying Thrice

Umer Shareef shared his life struggles, journey in the industry and snippets from his personal life in GMP Shan e Suhoor

Legendary comedian and actor, Umer Shareef was a guest on Nida Yasir’s show, GMP Shan e Suhoor. Although he was missing from the screen for a very long time due to health reasons but with his appearance in Nida’s show, he made all his fans extremely happy.

The iconic comedian had a heartfelt conversation with the host and shared many snippets from his personal life. From making his debut in the industry to becoming the biggest star of the industry. He touched upon many topics with complete candidness.


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He also talked about marrying thrice and what compelled him to do so. Umer Shareef remained completely honest about his three marriages and said he does not regret any of his decisions.

Who is the first wife of Umer Shareef?

The Bakra Qiston Par actor revealed that his first marriage was an arranged one. “It was my mother who selected Deeba (first wife) for me. She was my neighbor and my mother really liked her for her simplicity.”

From his first wife, he had three children including two sons and one daughter, all of whom are lead independent lives. “I’ve never complained to my wives and have supported them throughout. I am a bit short-tempered but I never elongate fights with my wives.” said Shareef.

On marrying for the second and third time

After a few years, Umer Shareef once again fell in love. This time with his colleague Shakeela Qureshi who was a film and theatre actress. Due to differences between the two, the marriage was called off after three years.

However, this did not leave the comedy king heartbroken and he married for a third time to theatre actor, Zareen. She left acting after her marriage and leads a blissful marital life with Umer Shareef. The comedian said that his third wife is an excellent cook.

The senior actor now leads a good life with his first and third wife, both of whom make his life really beautiful. He shared all the details in a funny manner and one couldn’t stop but loving the actor for his wit.

You can watch the complete show here.



Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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