Ushna Shah Urges Boycott of McDonald’s Amidst Gaza Crisis

A clip of Israeli soldiers enjoying McDonald’s meal while bombing Gaza has gone viral.

Amidst the ongoing crisis in Gaza, renowned actress and activist Ushna Shah has called for the ban of McDonald’s after witnessing a viral clip of Israeli soldiers recording McDonald’s mukbang videos Gaza is getting carpet bombed in the background.

This deeply troubling video left Ushna Shah furious, prompting her to vent her anger on Twitter. She made her stance abundantly clear, declaring,

I solemnly swear, if I catch anyone consuming #McDonalds or bringing it anywhere near me, my reaction will be nothing short of fury. Keep it far away from my sets, and if you choose to partake or promote it, be prepared for an earful. For Muslims, let it be as Haram as pork.

In a series of follow-up tweets, Ushna provided a comprehensive explanation for her call to boycott the fast-food giant. She emphasized that McDonald’s is a U.S.-based franchise, and America is a strong supporter of Israel.

The Habs star emphasized that McDonald’s unequivocally supports the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) by providing a staggering 4,000 meals daily to IDF soldiers actively engaged in the bombings in Gaza.


She further expounded on her standpoint, underscoring that this boycott extends beyond mere symbolism.

She explained, “This isn’t about their McChicken wrapper displaying an Israeli flag. In a hypothetical scenario where Pakistan were embroiled in a conflict, McDonald’s Pakistan would never receive permission from the franchise to feed thousands of soldiers daily. Such an act would be considered a form of military aid.”

While McDonald’s Israel has been supporting IDF, the Pakistani outlet has clarified that they do not condone Israel’s atrocities and have even donated PKR 10 million to the Palestinian cause.

Ushna Shah is among the top Pakistani celebrities who have been vocal supporters of the Palestinian cause. She has and continues to passionately advocate for an independent Palestinian state and has used her platform to shed light on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

She recently made a skit, highlighting how how the Zionist invaded and seized all Palestinian land with the support of the Western powers.

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