Ushna Shah Wants A Husband Who Is Financially Secure [Video]

She made these remarks in an interview with Shaista Lodhi.

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Renowned Pakistani actress Ushna Shah got candid about her ‘life partner choices’ in a say-it-all interview with Dr. Shaista Lodhi.

During the show, Ushna gracefully glided through every question thrown at her, be it about her coming-of-age, mood swings, and partner choices.


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Ushna Shah About Her Ideal Life Partner

To a question regarding how she wanted her life partner to be, Ushna said:

“He doesn’t have to be loaded.”

Instead, Ushna says that her partner should be “financially stable.” She backed up her reply saying that a husband should be a ‘protector’ and a ‘provider,’ even if the woman is independent.

“Otherwise, independent ‘mardaanis’ make men insecure and they unleash that insecurity on their partners,” she explained.


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Her Moods

The ‘Bashar Momin’ actress also let it out that she suffered from mood swings in her formative years. She also revealed that she was totally possessive as a child.

Shaista was quick to ask how she tamed her tantrums, to which Ushna candidly replied that she had to undergo therapy for it. Pretty brave of her to admit that we say.

She said:

“Mein bohot hyper hojati thi, (I used to get hyper soon). I didn’t have mood swings (onset), but an aggression” when things didn’t go my way.”

You can watch the whole thing here:


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