Usman Mukhtar’s Crime Thriller ‘Chikkar’ Has a Star-Studded Premiere in Karachi

Co-star Ushna Shah attended the premiere, sporting a keffiyeh in support of Palestine.

The much-anticipated crime thriller Chikkar, starring the talented Usman Mukhtar, had its star-studded premiere at Nueplex Cinemas in Karachi on Wednesday.

Among the glamorous attendees was Usman Mukhtar’s co-star Ushna Shah, accompanied by her husband, Hamza Amin. Shah turned heads in an elegant black dress adorned with net sleeves and neckline. Notably, she also sported a keffiyeh, expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine in the wake of the ongoing bombardment in Gaza.

The premiere was graced by the presence of several notable figures from the entertainment industry, including the cast members Faryal Mehmood, Nausheen Shah, Saleem Mairaj, Ali Sheikh, Adnan Shah Tipu, who received commendation for their outstanding performances.

Kubra Khan, who previously shared the screen with Mukhtar in ‘Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay,’ attended the premiere and showered praise on her co-star for his compelling performance in the crime thriller. Meanwhile, actress Sonya Hussyn expressed her admiration for Ushna Shah’s performance by presenting her with a rose.

Zaheer, the debut director of ‘Chikkar,’ expressed gratitude towards the film and entertainment industry for their overwhelming support. He acknowledged the love and encouragement received and shared his excitement for the grand public premiere.

Chikkar being my debut film holds a very special place in my heart, and I am quite sure it will remain like this forever. All credit goes to the cast, which delivered my narrative compellingly. I am confident that it will resonate with the audiences too. I am overwhelmed by the overall response of fellow industry mates and cannot wait for the grand public premiere.

Chikkar is not only receiving praise for its gripping storyline but also for its portrayal of sensitive topics and realistic scenery. The film is being hailed as a testament to the promising future of the local film industry, providing a platform for young actors to showcase their talents.

The producers of Chikkar, Dareechay Films, described themselves as masterful storytellers, intricately blending art and narrative. With a commitment to creating impactful cinematic experiences, they expressed their dedication to making audiences believe, laugh, cry, and experience a lasting impact through the magic of Dareechay Films.

As the buzz around Chikkar continues to grow, advance bookings for the public premiere are underway, and the film is all set to captivate audiences in theaters across Pakistan on December 22, 2023.

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