Usman Mukhtar’s Gulabo Rani Wins Big at International Film Festivals

The must-see film that’s making waves on the global stage.

Get ready to celebrate because Gulabo Rani, the film directed by Usman Mukhtar, has just taken the international film festival circuit by storm.

The film has won not just one, but seven awards at some of the most prestigious international film festivals in the world. This is a major achievement for Usman Mukhtar and his team, and it’s clear that their hard work and talent have paid off in a big way.

Gulabo Rani

Gulabo Rani is a powerful story about a woman who defies social norms and expectations to pursue her dreams.

The film is set in the rural areas of Pakistan, and it explores themes of gender inequality, societal pressures, and the struggle for self-determination. The film has resonated with audiences around the world, and it’s not hard to see why.


The magnificent actor and director took to Instagram and posted a handful of pictures of all the nominees as well as a photo of all the awards that his film earned, captioning the post as,

Alhamdulillah so happy to announce that our film Gulabo Rani has bagged 7 more awards internationally. Gulabo won 4 awards at Independent Shorts Awards Los Angeles!!

Have a look,

Gulabo Rani



Usman Mukhtar is a talented director who has been making waves in the Pakistani film industry for several years now and is known for his unique and engaging storytelling style, and Gulabo Rani is a perfect example of this. The film is beautifully shot, and the performances by the cast are nothing short of spectacular.


The fact that Gulabo Rani has won seven awards at international film festivals is a testament to the quality of the film. It’s not easy to stand out in such a competitive environment, but Usman Mukhtar and his team have managed to do just that.




The awards that Gulabo Rani has won include Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography, among others.

This is a major achievement for Pakistani cinema, and it’s a sign of the talent and potential that exists within the industry. It’s also a sign of the growing international recognition of Pakistani films, which have been gaining more and more attention in recent years.