‘Uterus is Misogynistic’: Aurat March Under Fire for Promoting Gender Neutral Propaganda

Apparently not all women are women…

The once popular organization Aurat March that used to celebrate womanhood, fight for economic justice, and safeguard women’s rights in Pakistan is now saying all women are not women.

Apparently, calling someone a ‘woman’ based on their female biological anatomy is “misogynistic”. The now extremist feminist organization claims that people with uterus are not all women in a misguided attempt to prompt gender neutral propaganda.

The bizarre take has been met with massive criticism on social media as netizens, including real women, lectured the Aurat March group about their absurd claims.

The Aurat March’s official Twitter account started the whole fiasco while talking about menstruation. According to the tweet, “gender” is a social construct and menstruation is biological process that can happen to any one. The tweet went on to say,

Not all those who have a uterus are women & not all women have a uterus. Reducing a woman down to a uterus is misogynistic.

The Aurat March took everyone further down the rabbit hole with the usual spiel of “challenging the patriarchy” in a series of tweets.

Safe to say, Twitterati did not enjoy the nonsense spewed by the Aurat March as people gave them a piece of their mind.

One tweep asked a very simply question that remains to be answered,

One user wrote,

This movement seems to be more of a laughing stuff. Things that have made running of human society more viable are being questioned by this mov. When biological composition is different, and genders are a social construction, then who is the loser here? Women have equal rights, are being treated equally everywhere, then what is all this crying for?

Perhaps a name change for Aurat March is order…