Viral PIA Official Reveals Heartbreaking Truth About Personal Life

The PIA steward had won everybody’s hearts a few days back for soothing a crying baby

Cabin crew member of PIA, Tauheed Ahmed, who had won the internet a few days back with his loving gesture, revealed a heartbreaking truth about his life. A few weeks back, Tauheed was seen in a video soothing a crying baby on a plane and everybody had fallen in love with this adorable gesture.

PIA officer recalls an unfortunate incident

Owing to his popularity he was invited on ARY’s Morning Show, Bakhabar Sawera. On the show, Tauheed disclosed that he lost his 26 years old son some time back. “It was a tragic incident. It was during Eid-ul-Adha. I was on duty in Karachi and my wife and children were in Sukkur. Out of nowhere, my wife called me and broke the news of his death.”

“It was due to an electrical shock through a water motor. He could not survive, and he was only 26-year-old. His name was Muhammad Maniq Dawoodpota. I have two other kids, one daughter, and one son,” he shared.


PIA Official Soothing a Baby on Flight Melts the Internet [Pictures]

Despite such a huge tragedy, the officer said that everything happens according to the will of God. He will always remain positive. “My sentiments are high, even after going through such a tragedy, I am more than happy to provide my service,” he added.

Tauheed Ahmed’s reaction on the viral video

When asked what he feels about the viral video, the officer replied that he had no idea it would become so famous. He said, “I had no idea someone is recording me. I don’t know who took my pictures or made me viral. It is a part of our duty to take care of our passengers. It is a part of our training to ensure their safety on a flight, and take care of their needs.”

The officer shared that it all began when a woman boarded the plane with two kids. One of them was an infant. The child was crying a lot and people on the flight were very disturbed so he sent two female flight attendants to console the child. However, the baby won’t stop crying.


“Seeing the helplessness of the woman, I offered help and held the child in my arms,” said Ahmed.

Tauheed Ahmed is a highly committed officer and said that it is the duty of the cabin crew to serve the passengers to the best of their abilities.

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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