Wabaal: Third Episode Puts Fans on the Edge with Plot Twist [Review]

Major spoiler Alert!

The latest episode of Wabaal has made us hooked to our television screens. The cute banter between Anum and Faraz as well as the little foolish mistake of Anum was the highlight of the episode. We are surely on the edge of our seats about how her pitiful father is going to make everything fine.

The drama serial Wabaal caught our eyeballs as soon as its teaser was released.  Fans are gushing over the phenomenal acting of Sarah Khan and Talha Chahour. Whereas Merub Ali won the hearts of fans with her innocent avatar in the serial.

The drama serial Wabaal is written by Qaisera Hayat, directed by Amin Iqbal, and produced by Momina Duraid. It features Sarah Khan, Meerub Ali, Shagufta Ejaz, Talha Chahour, and others. The story revolves around the life of middle-class families and what difficulties they have to face in life to make both ends meet. It also highlights the menace of interest-based loans which are getting common in our society because of this uncontrollable inflation.

As the drama progresses, we got to know that Anum (Sarah Khan) is a young girl from a middle-class family who lies about her background with her friends and wanted a better life for herself. And how she is willing to risk it all for the better image of herself in front of her elite class friends. Meanwhile, Shagufta (Shagufta Ejaz), Shakir’s sister-in-law, participates in a business of money lending, preying on the poor and weak. From the previous episode, we realized that she is more into sinister acts than simply lending interest-based loans.

And the lovable character of Faraz (Talha Chahour) is making us believe there will be some positive and romantic light in this dark and materialistic serial. From the very start, it is clear that Faraz developed a crush on his neighbor Anum even though she is very rude to him.

In the latest episode, the cute banter of Faraz and Anum and the arrest of Anum for helping her friend elope with her lover caught fans’ attention. Sarah Khan (aka Anum) thought about this so lightly and helped her friend. She lied to her mother; thus, she sent the whole family into chaos and sheer embarrassment.


And on the other hand, making the evil character of Shagufta happy with her foolishness.  Now she is all set to attack Shakir (Anum’s father) through Anum. Because he rejected Naveed’s (Shagufta’s son) proposal for Anum, triggering her wrath.

After this strong episode, we are truly excited about how the next few episodes play out. Will they manage to create more impactful moments to grab the audience? So far, it is undoubtedly an interesting story different from the typical love triangles and ‘Rona Dhona’.

What do you think about this recent episode of Wabaal? Share your thoughts below.


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