Wahaj Ali’s Viral Shirtless Ad Causes Twitter Meltdown

The “bold” promo for fashion brand Mushq has garnered mixed reactions online.

Actor Wahaj Ali has set social media ablaze with a shirtless promotional teaser for fashion brand Mushq.

The viral clip, showing Wahaj waking up semi-naked with his exposed back and biceps stealing the spotlight, has sparked a mixed bag of reactions online, with some fans going gaga over his physique while others outraged over the “indecent” and “vulgar” exposure.

The video, intended to generate buzz for Mushq’s latest collection of dapper suit, has indeed achieved its goal, but not without stirring controversy.

Wahaj’s female fanbase seems to be in awe, expressing their admiration through a flurry of tweets. One user playfully exclaimed, “IVE STOPPED BREATHING OH MY GOD 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #WahajAli,” while another chimed in with a cheeky comment, “Not that I’m complaining but WTH WAHAJ 😭 ‘The innocence is gone’ hehe 🌚😭#WahajAli.”

However, not everyone is applauding Mushq’s bold promotional strategy to use Wahaj Ali’s “hot bod”. A segment of the audience has labeled the teaser as “vulgar” and “indecent,” sparking a debate on the boundaries of artistic expression and moral standards.

Critics have pointed out the perceived hypocrisy of the so-called ‘moral brigade,’ emphasizing that similar shirtless scenes by other prominent stars, such as Fawad Khan, have not faced such scrutiny.

One social media user took it a step further, drawing attention to a sensual moment between actors Danish Taimoor and Sana Javed that aired on television without objection. In a tweet accompanied by a clip of the scene, the user remarked, “for people dying and dialing PEMRA, please know THIS cringe exists on Pak screens.”

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