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Waqar Zaka Regrets Misleading Teens With His Infamous Reality TV Show

Looks like Waqar Zaka is on Ramzan mode.

Who hasn’t heard of renowned TV host and VJ Waqar Zaka? His (in)famous reality show ‘Living On The Edge’ was quite a thing among the youngsters a decade or so.

However, the controversial celebrity, who hosts a game show on a private news channel nowadays – is having second thoughts about his past deeds.

Zaka recently posted a long message on social media and expressed remorse on the mistakes he made while hosting Living on the Edge.


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Waqar hoped that the contestants who faced the brunt of his anger would forgive him. He also prayed for forgiveness from the Almighty.

He also regretted the content he had been producing during that time. He claims that he’s now a changed man, and this will be reflected in his desire to create content which helps the common man.

It should be mentioned that his current show ‘Bhai Jan’ is in line with his new-found intent.

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Here’s what Waqar Zaka wrote on Facebook:

“Allah, please forgive me for posting content which was destroying young minds. I feel really bad for being harsh in Living on the Edge. I hope all the contestants who faced my anger will also forgive me. Allah, please help me in creating content which will practically help people in need.”


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The post concluded with the plea:

“Allah, please guide me, so I can push our Government to update science subjects in our schools and make Pakistan the next space power.”

Written by Raza Rizvi


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