Warm Up Your Winter with GulAhmed Winter Collection 2022

GulAhmed’s Winter Collection is here to warm you and your closet up for the winter that’s just around the corner!

GulAhmed Winter Collection 2022

As the summer fades away and we head into what’s forecast to be a grim winter, there’s one thing that has the ability to lift your spirits by keeping you warm and making you feel like it’s spring season already.

Launched on Sep 20, GulAhmed’s Winter Collection is here to warm you and your closet up for the winter that’s just around the corner.

GulAhmed is set to showcase its carefully chosen pieces that will refresh your wardrobe in style and help you keep your fashion statement that defines your true self intact.

This year’s collection is broadly divided into four big themes; Let us have a sneak peek at what is available in stores and online:

Pashmina Shawl Collection

Pashmina shawls have drawn various emulations, yet none equates with the delicate quality and glamorous designs that GulAhmed has to offer.

Discover the beautiful and intricate embroidery on quality pashmina that displays the brand’s core values with lovely extravagance.

There is a wide range of embroideries available for GulAhmed’s Pashmina Shawl Collection at the GulAhmed Winter Collection ’22.

Karandi Shawl Collection

Karandi shawls are a perennial classic and premium winter fabrics embellished with embroidery that is curated with perfection.

Explore the latest trends with GulAhmed’s exclusively embroidered, elegant Karandi Shawl Collection exhibiting class that would give your personal style an edge.

Different embroideries are available in GulAhmed’s Karandi Shawl Collection radiating true craftsmanship blended with splendid textures that cater to your preferences.

Linen Collection

GulAhmed has a tradition of manufacturing the most sought-after fabrics that feature immaculately-tailored designs with fine details in its Linen fabrics.

With so many options out there to choose from, GulAhmed’s Linen Collection is definitely a must-try for women who value quality and style.

With its bespoke, meticulous designs adorned with both floral and abstract patterns, the brand brings your outfits to life.

Gold Printed Collection

Those who are on a look-out for aesthetically appealing designs which are complemented with a touch of luxury should look no further.

Don the eye-catching Gold Printed collection embroidered with fine quality and delicate fabric recreated with a modernist flair, showcasing vibrant gold prints and patterns.

If you are enchanted to have a standout factor that embraces intimate luxury, GulAhmed Gold Printed Collection is your best pick.

So, are you ready for a wardrobe refresh for the upcoming winter? Explore the GulAhmed Winter Collection ’22 at www.gulahmedshop.com and stun with style by picking the best out of the latest collection.


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