Waseem Badami is Sweating Bullets After Someone Hacked His Twitter

The hacker is not coming in slow as he/she threaten Iqra-ul-Hassan as well.

In a surprising turn of events, renowned TV presenter and journalist Waseem Badami finds himself at the center of a social media storm as his Twitter account falls victim to a hacker’s mischief.

Fans of Badami were left in shock as the usually serious and professional tone of his online presence took an unexpected turn.

The presumed female hacker seized control of Badami’s account, immediately diverging from the journalist’s usual demeanor by posting pictures of an unknown woman. Shockingly, the hacker claimed that Waseem Badami had a secret marriage with a woman named Iqra, who is allegedly pregnant.

The hacker’s tweets not only stirred up a frenzy among Waseem Badami’s followers but also took a humorous turn as they continued to taunt and urge the TV presenter to reveal the truth.

Threatening to expose more scandalous pictures and videos, the hacker insisted that Badami be more forthcoming.

Waseem Badami’s colleague and friend, Iqrar-ul-Hassan, took to Twitter to confirm the hack and requested everyone to disregard the tweets emerging from Badami’s compromised account.

However, the hacker displayed a flair for witty retorts, responding to Iqrar’s warning by playfully suggesting him to “enjoy Maldives” or risk facing a similar fate with his own Twitter account.

Even actress Madiha Rizvi couldn’t resist acknowledging the hacker’s unexpected humor, commenting, “Hacker is not coming slow,” after witnessing the hacker’s clever response to Iqrar-ul-Hassan.

At the moment, Waseem Badami has not issued any official statement regarding the hacking situation on Twitter. His fans and followers are anxiously looking forward to what the hacker has up their sleeve to “damage” his image.