WATCH: Aamir Liaquat Shows Absurd Way to Share Eid Greetings

The Member of the National Assembly (MNA) clearly misunderstood how social distancing works.

Aamir Liaquat

Aamir Liaquat is at it again. The religious scholar managed to become a meme just before his Ramzan transmission wraps up. This time he’s got everyone cracking up with his unusual ‘Eid greeting’.

In his appearance on his Ramzan transmission, Danish Nawaz got wrapped up in the ordeal as well. Aamir Liaquat used him as a ‘volunteer’ while demonstrating ‘the right way to greet people this Eid’.


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The Member of the National Assembly (MNA) clearly misunderstood how social distancing works. A head-on belly bump is the farthest from the safe way to greet people this Eid.


Of course, people weren’t just laughing, some were disappointed. People expected better from an MNA.

Aamir Liaquat

Aamir Liaquat


The misinformation really irked people. Not only is this Eid greeting a complete violation of COVID-19 SOPs, but it’s also plainly absurd.

Aamir Liaquat


Questionable or not, you’ve gotta admit it’s funny

Aamir Liaquat

When the coronavirus pandemic first set in people got creative with greetings. From fist bumps to elbow bumps. Hence there are already some good Eid greetings out there that are almost ‘COVID-proof’. Aamir Liaquat’s suggestion was really not needed.

In fact, why not just go the traditional route allow an elder to place their hand on your head.


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The MNA has sparked many memes throughout his Ramzan transmission. While some criticized his antics Yasir Hussain supported him as an ‘entertainer‘.

What do you have to say? What do you think of the religious scholar’s ‘new Eid greeting’. Is this a harmless and hilarious gaffe or more problematic? Let us know in the comments below.

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