Watch Ali Gul Pir Get Imran Khan’s Point Across in a Hilarious Way

The comedian recreated Imran Khan’s video about ‘corrupts’ in the country. He surely got PM’s point across.

Rapper Ali Gul Pir often makes headlines with his hilarious recreations of incidents from real life. This time the De Maar Saray Char singer recreated Imran Khan’s video about ‘corrupts’ in the country. He sure got the PM’s point across.


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A recent video of the PM was making rounds on social media. The premier is heard schooling people son on what someone has to go through if they are corrupt. Imran Khan mentioned some odd consequences such as ‘koi tm se shadi nahi krey ga‘ (no one will marry you).

“The one who is involved in corruption can never be among us. No one will even marry those involved in corruption and even the ‘corrupts’ won’t be invited in parties as well.”

However, Ali Gul Pir further amped up the hilarityty of the situation by acting out Imran Khan’s statement. So which version did you like better?

The rapper has previously made headlines with his mimicry of public figures like Arnab Goswami, Kangana Ranaut, Naumaan Ijaz among others. Recently he also shared his hilarious rendition of the viral Cannoli Cafe Soul video with Desi George AKA George Fulton.



Ali Gul Pir Recreates the Cannoli Incident and Its Hilarious [Video]

The musician’s political comebacks are often the subject of headlines. Ali Gul PirAli Gul Pir responds to Eman Suleman


He has a knack for political satire from mimicry and funny videos, comebacks to his music career. The rapper made a notable entry into the Pakistani entertainment industry with his massive hit Waderai Ka Beta, back in 2012. Since then all his music has been political commentary with cheeky lyrics and thought-provoking themes.

His notable works include tracks like Taroo Maroo, V.I.P. and Kar Ly Jo Karna Hai, etc.

Just days before Aurat March on International Women’s Day, he released a single titled Tera Jism Meri Marzi

You can watch the full music video here;



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