Ali Gul Pir Recreates the Cannoli Incident and Its Hilarious [Video]

Rapper Ali Gul Pir and comedian Akbar Chaudry went all out with their acting.

Looks like the owners of Cannoli Cafe Soul are not about to outlive their stint trying to flex their English skills any time soon. Now rapper Ali Gul Pir and comedian Akbar Chaudry teamed up with ‘Desi George’ to present their rundown of what happened.

The three of them teamed up to showcase how Uzma and Thea, non-native speakers themselves to make fun of their manager over his comprehensible English.


Cannoli Cafe’s Manager Says He Was Not Insulted [Video]

The incident led to widespread backlash aimed at the owners of Cannoli. The Islamabad branch of the restaurant has been closed till further notice and even the Lahore branch of their eatery did not remain unaffected.

Celebs had a range of responses and even Shaniera Akram challenged the owners of Cannoli to a duel… we mean English challenge.

Various people have found various ways to return the favor and make the owners realize what it feels like to be made fun of. There was even an Urdu mushaira outside Cannoli Islamabad.

Meanwhile the manager at the heart of the incident, Awais said in an interview that he was not offended. He called the stint harmless fun and shared how he’s open to continual growth and learning.

The public is still sticking up for him even if he’s brushing this aside.


Shainera Akram’s Urdu Sabzi Challenge is Making us Swoon

We all know who Ali Gul Pir is, and stand-up comedian Akbar Chaudry by making people laugh across Pakistan. Meanwhile, George Futon AKA Desi George is a British man married to a Pakistani woman, who is in love with Pakistani culture. From trying out various eateries and cuisines across provinces to flexing his Urdu skills, the Karachi resident is assimilating more than well into Pakistan.

He even managed to beat Shaniera bhabi at a culture challenge. So he really knows his stuff.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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