We Finally Know Who the Viral Imran Khan Doppelganger Is! [Video]

Meet Shah Hussain – the man who went viral overnight over resembling Imran Khan.

Remember the man spotted in Sialkot that looked strikingly similar to Prime Minister Imran Khan, well now we finally know who he is. The Imran Khan doppelganger is Shah Hussain, is a fellow Pakhtun.

The Imran Khan lookalike made waves when he was spotted aboard a rickshaw days ago. The young man seems younger than the premier’s political career but is the father of three children.

Yet the resemblance between the two placed young Shah Hussain in the spotlight.


Internet Spots Imran Khan’s Lookalike Riding a ‘Chingchi’ in Sialkot [Video]

As expected, similar ethnic backgrounds contributed to the two men’s uncanny resemblance. The Imran Khan doppelganger hails from Kalam, Swat.

In an interview, Urdu Point shared his story. Turns out he’s no stranger to being mistaken for the famed cricketer.

“I feel very happy when people come to me to take pictures with me and also become my customer,”

He is a small vendor in Sialkot but heads back home in the summer for leatherworker.

“In summers I do the leatherwork and go to Swat where people support me, and really like me. Whereas in winters, I sell dried fruits here, in Sialkot.”

Despite sharing a face with the PM, Shah Hussain wants to meet Imran Khan as much as the next IK fan.

He says he wants to meet the PM face-to-face and talk to him in person at least once.

Back in 2018, another Imran Khan doppelganger surfaced online. The video of the lookalike driving a Mehran went viral of course.


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