What Does Sheheryar Munawar Feel About Working with Maya Ali? [Video]

The ‘Parey Hut Luv’ talks about his experience working with Maya Ali.

maya ali with sheheryar munawar

After their scintillating chemistry in Parey Hut Love, every wanted to see Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali share the screen again. That wish came true with ‘Pehli Si Muhabbat‘.

So is the central cast as thrilled about the chemistry as fans are? Previously in her appearance on ‘Hello Mira Sethi’, Aun Zara actress Maya Ali shared her experience working with Sheheryar Munawar. The Teefa in Trouble actress was all praises for her co-star and lauded his professionalism.

“I have never come across anyone in her career who is as passionate about their work as Sheheryar, …You can deprive him of sleep, food, and water. Just ask him to work and you will still see him fresh as ever,”


Maya Ali Shares How Good It Is Working with Sheheryar Munawar [Video]

So is the feeling mutual? Seems so based on what the Ho Mann Jahan actor also lauded Maya Ali’s professionalism in an interview with Images.

“There is a kind of connection in terms of working with Maya, … She is very very professional, hardworking and a focused colleague to work with. She has great work ethic and she puts in a lot of effort into the scenes that we do together. There’s a lot of back and forth into prepping for a scene, we can exchange our ideas easily so it’s a lot of fun.”

Pakistani actor and model Sheheryar Munawar started his career in TV dramas in year 2014 and became an over-night successful name in the showbiz industry.

The actor, who is the ultimate heartthrob of the industry, has delivered outstanding performances in movies, Parey Hut Love and Ho Mann Jahan.

Now, Sheheryar Munawar and Maya Ali are bringing the magic back in Anjum Shahzad’s upcoming drama serial Pehli Si Muhabbat. The actor shared his excitement about returning to television.

to fun to play because it was witty, emotional and strong-willed

“Pehli Si Muhabbat that is the story of unrequited love, the lead characters played by Maya and Sheheryar will be fighting their own battles and against the world to come together in what will be an intense love story.”


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