When Iqra Met Yasir; the Actor Reveals How He Found His Lady Love [Video]

Yasir Hussain revealed the details in an interview

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

Yasir Hussain is finally spilling the tea on his love story with Iqra Aziz. The duo turned out as an unexpected couple, as fans had never even pictured the two together. Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain only got to work together for the first time in Jhooti.

The series was shot after the duo got hitched. So how did these two meet?

In his appearance on Say It All with Iffat Omar, the Naach Na Jaane actor revealed how he got to really know Iqra Aziz.


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Turns out they really only moved past the polite acquaintance phase at the Hum Awards in Toronto. Iqra had lost her phone when Yasir stumbled across her backstage.

“Prior to that she knew me because she showed up at my film premiere for Lahore Sey Agay,”

That’s how the two ended up spending a lot of time together. A year later at the Hum Awards in Houston the Aangan Tehra actor proposed to her in front of a whole audience, and good best part? She said yes.

“I told her straight up. I don’t want to drag this out. We also have a 10 year age difference and I won’t look good (doing so). So I told her I want to get married, if you’re interested good, if not let me know,”

Apparently Yasir Hussain knew the Ranjha Ranjkha Kardi actress was the one since he met her mother.


“I met her mother, who is a very sophisticated woman, very caring, and very simple. So I guessed her daughter must be something like her, and she (Iqra) does have a lot of her mother’s positive traits,”

The actor even shared that he tries to ‘zipp it’ now and steer clear of controversies to avoid problems for his lady.


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Watch the full interview here;

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