Why Did Rohail Hyatt Step Down As Coke Studio’s Producer?

In a shocking new Tweet, Rohail Hyatt revealed he is not producing Coke Studio.

Rohail Hyatt

Pakistani record producer Rohail Hyatt launched Coke Studio in 2008. After producing 6 consecutive seasons he took a break and made a smashing comeback in 2019. Now an active social media user, Rohail says he will not produce Coke Studio.

Replying to a Tweet, Rohail revealed that the planning phase of Coke Studio’s next season is in full swing. However, he is not the one doing it. Rohail Hyatt has been quite active on social media lately. He is even addressing his Tweets to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.


Rohail Hyatt


The Tweet that revealed it all

A Twitter user approached Rohail and wrote:


@rohailhyatt Good and pleasure to see you active and much interactive on SM. Hope this doesn’t foreshadows that CS is not planned for this year.




Replying to the Tweet, the 54-year-old wrote:


I’m sure CS [Coke Studio] is being planned but not by me.. SM [social media] is a great place to figure out if one is neutral or biased in any way. I’m using it as a tool to measure my own imbalances. Seems to be working well for me.



Rohail Hyatt has also been using the micro-blogging website to show his love and support for PM Imran Khan. Addressing Imran Khan, he wrote:


OMG I got my yesssss moment after watching your speech today @ImranKhanPTI! Say no to corruption and get ready for a fight! Enough is really enough! What a brave leader you are indeed. With you all the way..





Two days prior to this, Rohail also claimed that Imran Khan is the only person he considers to be his leader.


In my lifetime I have only had the privilege of calling one person my leader. This person is Imran Khan. Honestly outweighs everything else IMO. Setbacks aside, I am certain he will succeed in his mission IA.



Is it set in stone?

News of him stepping down as Coke Studio’s producer was confirmed by The Express Tribune. They also reached out to Xulfi, who is rumored to be the next in line to act as the show’s producer. He said:



Every year, there’s this news. So there’s a probability of doing Coke Studio every year. No one knows and let’s see what the future holds.



What do you think of Rohail Hyatt stepping down as Coke Studio’s producer? Share your views in the comments section.



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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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